End of Flash Player 30.12.2020

Hi Friends,

### End of Flash Player

The Flash Player era comes to an end and Adobe will no longer support it after end of this month.
What does that mean to you? If you are using the IOS or Android App then nothing will change for you.
If you are using a desktop/laptop computer and the website for painting and watching the videos this will not work anymore in the browser.

### Desktop app for Windows and Mac

As a workaround we exported the mobile app for Windows and Mac. You can use this apps to paint new pieces and too see the videos. This is the full version of the app without ads and with all spots. 


Unpack the zip and start GU.exe


Unpack the zip and start GU_Pro application. If you see the system security error then you have to do thius:

  • open settings
  • open security
  • allow to open of GU_Pro


### Future of Graffiti Unlimited

This project started as a fun prototype nearly 10 years ago and back in the days Adobe Flash was a very cool way of programming interactive stuff for the web.
Sadly this technology is officially dead now. How we can move forward from here?

If Graffiti Unlimited should stay alive i have to convert the flash app to modern web technologies.
But this is serious hard work and i don't know if and when i find the time and energy to start this project.

### Thank you

Graffiti Unlimited is nothing without the beautiful pieces that you made in more then 9 years.
Thank you so much for taking part in this incredible experiment that connects people form all over the world.

Keep on writing

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IOS and Android APP is out now 02.05.2018


there were some trouble with the app stores but finally our apps are ready. You can download or update:

Play Store and IOS App Store

IMPORTANT: there is no PRO version anymore because it was too much work to have multiple versions. We use now InApp-Purchase to unlock the app and to provide new spot packs. If you already paid for the pro version then you can request a voucher code to unlock the app. In this case please send us an email with your username to [email protected] within the next 30 days.

However, we would appreciate it really much if you want to help us to develop this website and app further. If you feel you want to give us something back then you could buy the app once again ;)

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Update 2018 11.04.2018

Hey friends, after long long time we are happy to present you an update of graffiti-unlimited with new features and new spots. And here we go.

Hardcore Mode

This is for the real writers out there. You have only limited amount of time, if you don't hurry up the cops will bust you.
For the beginning we set the time limit to 10 minutes for each spot but we're not sure if this is to much or to less.
Please let us know if we should adjust it. Hint: you can't save and edit your pieces, becasue in real live you also can't go back into the yard ;)

New spots

  • New York White Truck
  • New York Playground
  • New York Brick Wall
  • New York Garage

Image quality

In the past you all had the issue that the images were more blurry each time you reopen and edit them. This is better now.
We increased the image quality to 400%. Now you can paint more detailed images and keep the quality.
All your collaborations should look better now. ATTENTION: if you edit a image that has already high resolution in an old version of the app then you will have maybe some display problems. It's better to edit images only with the same device.

Hall of fame

The old hall of fame was too fixed and it was really hard to enter the top 10. Now we have 4 sections to have a wider range and different possibilities
to enter

  • recent fame
  • hardcore kings
  • all time fame
  • most actions

In all categories the list is ordered by so called "fame". The fame is calculated with this formula:

FAME = stars * 0.1 + botd * 50 + botw * 100 + battleWins * 100

These numbers can change in future. It's really hard to find a balance between all parameters. 

"recent fame" calculation includes only pieces of the last month. You have to be very active to stay on top.
"hardcore kings"calculation includes only pieces of hardcore mode. Be aware that this category needs some time to show good results
"all time fame" includes all pieces of all time, this is like the old writers page


Your Blackbook

You have now your writer name in the url of your blackbook, looks like that: http://graffiti-unimited/writers/my_name


It is an enormous amount of work to maintain our apps for different plattforms because on each plattform there is a free and pro version of the app.
To make things easier for us we decided to get rid of the PRO version. We will have only one app in the future. The App is free with limited features like before but you can unlock the app and buy new spot packs via InnApPurchase.With the money you help us a lot to develop and enhance the website and app.

More info about the app release you can find here: /posts/19


Last words

Leave your comments and let us know if you like the new spots and also if you find any bugs. 


Habby bombing


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Hi Friends, some words to you all 12.11.2016

First of all, we are reaching 100.000 pieces maybe this year, this is amazing. Thank you all for your great work and let's bring this forward.

This whole project started just for fun and I spent a lot of my spare time on it. I want to bring this forward and add new spots, features etc. and this is only possible if I have fun. I also have to ensure that there is a minimum amount of manners. Sometimes this forces me to an action which I don't like, and I hate censorship, but sometimes I need to do this. Usually my only weapon is to warn a user or if that does not help to suspend him for few days. If this happens to you and you are feeling that this is a mistake, you can send me an email and discuss the issue in private, I'm always open to talk. 


Shared group accounts

In the last week some stuff happend here and I just want you all to know what exactly happend because some rumor is going on. I banned the collabo account because I have one big problem with shared accounts. People can use it anonymous and it is hard to follow who is acting and commenting there. For me it's is not possible to reach all members if I want to talk to them because I have only the email of the creator of the account.

For the future here are some rules for all shared acounts:

  • Every member acts in the name of the group
  • If anyone of the group does shit all other members are affected and the account could be suspended
  • Don't write any comments with the group accounts, please use your real user accounts instead
  • If the account is suspended then there is a reason, please talk to me in private of you have questions


Voting system

The last update of the voting system is 2 years ago, back in the days it was a great improvement but now we have battles, more and more users and the conditions changed. For new users it's nearly impossible to reach into the fame kings because of long term users, and there is too less competition and change. My plan is to rethink the whole voting system because I think change is always good and can break old structures.

I have already a lot of really nice ideas and input from some users. If you have thoughts please send me an email to [email protected] 

Many of you don't like the current voting system. That is fine and you can always express your criticism if you have something in mind, I'm always open for improvements and happy if you let me know. But I don't want to read again and again and again the same bullshit like "sucking &%$§ for votes" and other blaaa blaaa. The voting system is currently like it is, please accept this.


New Spots

New spots are comming. YEAH. I have a lot of new videos and photos from New York and I hope I find time soon to create new spots from that. As a goodie and preview I have a brand new spot for you all - the Hudson Train Yard in New York.


More realism

A big thanks to Franky because he told me to tune the spot backgrounds somehow to achieve a more realistic look with shadow and light effects on top of the drawing. After some try and error I'm happy to show you this. To me it looks incredible if you compare it to like it was before. These two spots use this new technique: 

  • Hudson Train Yard
  • Hamburg Underground

I'm not sure about the intensity of the effect, please let me know here in the comments what you think. All new spots will use this by default. The old ones I have to update later on. If you want to compare the difference you can try this: open a unpublished piece (then you see the original version), in another browser tab start to edit the piece. 


That's all. I wish you a happy bombing. 



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Add-to-Battle Button 17.09.2016

Yeah, we have a "add-to-battle" button now. This is for all the app users to allow them to easily add their pieces to the current battle. In your blackbook you will see a small battle icon next to your new pieces (but only if you not already got 2 pieces in the battle ).

Your suggestions

Also we need your help for new topics for the battles. Please leave your comment if you have an idea for a battle. It can we a word, a subject or anything else which makes sense.

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Stickers available and your help is needed for new spots. 18.06.2016


Today we received tons of new stickers, help us to bring Graffiti Unlimited in the real world on the streets. If you want some stickers just send us an email to [email protected] with your name and address and we will send it to you. 




New spots

We would like to add more spots but we need your help to do this. The material you find in the internet is not usable, the only way is to record video by yourself. So if you want to see trains of your country here you need to help us. Sounds easy but it is harder than it seems to create good footage which we can use here. A detailed HOW-TO you can find here:  http://graffiti-unlimited.com/posts/6 lease read this carefully to not make the same mistakes like we did ;)


Have fun and happy bombing


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Redesign of the website 06.06.2016

Hi friends,

after a lot of long nights we are happy to finally release the new webite. The old "design" just happend when i was building this website 4 years ago. Along with the design there are some other small improvement. 

Mobile version

Website is now ready and optimized for smartphones and tablets. 

Improved blackbook

Your blackbook is your entry point and shows all writers what you did. Imageslider at the top shows your best pieces. Also there are now the same navigation possibilities like in the regular galeries, that allow you to search i.e. "my best bombings from last year"


List of the winners of the battles shows who is the battle king. I hope this enforces you to participate more often in a battle ;)


A big thank you to my girl friend FLARE for all the help and support to let this big change happen. I don't know what i would do without you.

Use the comments to give your feedback. If you encoutner any bug please let us know, mail to [email protected].

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Let the battle begin 25.02.2016

Hello Friends

We are happy to enhance this site with really nice new features:


In a battle you have to make a train and use the given word or topic.


  • you have to use the given word or topic
  • 2 pics per writer
  • upload phase one week, maybe we change this later
  • some days extra for voting

And now let's get ready to RUUMMMBBLEEEEE!



Many users requested this feature and finally we got it. You can save, open and edit your bombings utill you publish them. Just click the "edit" button in yout blackbook to reopen a bombing.


Have FUN !!!

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New year, new website 20.01.2016

After long long time we had some time do make a website update. Here is a list of changes and new features.

- filter for order and time
- last activities like rates and comments

- new time filter, now you can see the best rated bombings of last week for example. This helps to find really good bombings again, not only BOTDs
- grid chooser, 4, 2 or 1 image per row

Detail Page
- comments for bombings
- bookmarks, see who gave a star

- yeah, give your props and leave a comment
- nice way to communicate with each other
- we hope that you will use this feature wisely
- you can delete comments
- haters gonna hate, thats why you can ban other users FOREVER, Just click on the ban button and they will never comment on any of your bombings

Create bombing
Many users mentioned problems while saving the bombings. Really bad if you loose minutes or hours of work only because of a network error/delay. That's why you can save your bombing multiple times now. Untill you publish it it will be invisible to other users. When you are finished you have to save and publish.

To use the new "save" and "save and publish" feature you have to update your app.
A updated version of Graffiti Unlimited PRO for Android is already in the Google Play Store. The IOS Version is comming soon.

Last words
We hope you will like the new stuff. If you find any bugs please send us immediately an email to [email protected] or use the contact form.

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HoHoHo Friends 15.12.2015

HoHoHo Friends, we had to move to another server. If you encounter any problems on the website or with the app, please let us now as soon as possible. We wish you a holy bombing!

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STOP harassments and nazi stuff 13.03.2015

Hi folks,

We have some good news but before we start we have to say something.



Actually we don't want to control what's happening here but from now we will delete all bombings and suspend writers who doesn't follow this guidelines:

NO Nazi stuff
NO harassments
NO offence of other users

Please help us to keep this website free of this haters and send us an email to [email protected] if you still see some users violating the guidelines.


Now comes the good part. We optimized the flash app and now there are this new features:

- Straight line tool, hit SPACE while drawing and you have a straight line
- multi zoom. 3 zoom levels, just press the zoom button multiple times
- sound player bug is fixed

Have fun
GU Team

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Fame kings order changed 22.04.2014

Who is the best here? This question is everything except easy but at the end the database have to decide somehow and we need a formula. The old system was better than the one before but had big disadvantages as well. For example if you bomb 5 new trains than your fame is getting down because the the new bombings have no "likes". But actually we want you to bomb as much as possible.

From now only the number of "bombing-of-the-day" (botd) and "bombing-of-the-week" (botw) counts.

This formula is used:
Fame = BOTD + BOTW * 5

Comments are welcome.


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IOS App realeased 14.02.2014

Today we released the IOS version of Graffiti Unlimited. The PRO version is comming in the next days. Apple doesn't like trains, so this version has only the truck and some walls. Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/graffiti-unlimited/id609816484?l=de&ls=1&mt=8 We like to hear your feedback.

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New UPDATE!!!! 13.01.2014

Hey friends, We did a lot of changes and hope you will like it. First of all. the biggest change is the registration. New users need now a valid email and a email confirmation. Some guys here voted for themselfs with a lot of fake accounts, from now it's not that easy anymore. In the next days we will look over all ratings. So to all fake guys:

If we see strange votings we DELETE ALL your ratings.

Please stay fair!

But we have another new announcement - we have now 4 NEW Spots.

- Berlin Separation Wall
- Streetart Wall in Berlin
- Video Wall
- Berghain Club Door

All these spots are no real videos but we want to give you new stuff to paint on. Also it's much more eays for us to add new spots like this. So if you have ideas what you like to bomb in future please help us.

And at the end:

BIG BIG BIG respect for you all. We think it's incredible what some of you create here. Two days ago we had the 20000. bombing, thank you for that.

If you find some bugs or you just want to write us, please send an email to: [email protected]


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We would like to add more Trains 01.03.2013

We would like to add more spots and trains but we have no good material to do that. That's why we need your help if you want to see more trains here. We recorded all videos on this site by ourself, exept the New York videos. And i think you can see the quality difference. We searched on youtube for more material but all stuff there doesn't fits to our requirements.

So if you like to help us and you want to record some videos here are some detailed information how to record good videos and where you can find good filming spots.

for a new train we need:
  • minimum 3 different videos
  • in each video one wagon should be complete visible for 2-6 sec
  • one big photo of one wagon in full size ( 1920px*1080px or bigger) in 90 degrees angle (that iss the photo to paint on)
video requirements:
  • HD resolution (1920*1090) , half HD (1280*720) only if you got no other possibilities
  • film with a tripod, videos filmed by hand are to unstable in most cases. if you don't have a tripod put your camera on a stone or a railing, this is really important.
  • one wagon should always be complete visible and as big as possible - very important! -> no cut on left or right side of the wagon
  • always choose the same train(same line, same type, same color) AND the same wagon (always the second or always the last) when filming
  • don't move the camera with the wagon (if the video is in HD we can crop the video later and move the cam in aftereffects)
  • THE wagon should start completely visible on one side of the video and move in 3-6s to the other side, choose your zoom carefully that is fits to that.
  • nothing between camera and train (no obstacles, no trees, no gras, no lamps, no houses, no cars) , nothing means really nothing ;)
  • camera position should be as far as possible from the train rails (50-100m), the view angle to the rails should be near to 90 degrees
where to find good spots to film:
  • the best looking movies and the less problems with bad obstacles you get if you film the trains from top
  • try to find a house or bridge where your position is higher then the train
  • on bridges it is easy to use the railing as a tripod
  • try to search nice spots inside a city and with good looking background, for example if you are in paris try to have the Eifel Tower behind the train so that you can see where the video is from
  • a good filming spot is a bridge on the main rails near the main train station, you got trains every 1-2 min

We made a small pdf for better understanding:
How To PDF

Yeah, that's a lot of information, but you should follow all instructions. We made many mistakes in the beginning and want to prevent you from hours of wasted time ;)

Thank you in advance

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Android App out now! 13.02.2013

We released the graffiti unlimited android app today. Get it now and make bomb trains everywhere. iPhone/iPad app is commming soon.

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New Features 28.12.2012

We made some changes and improvements. First we got a new train: the New York Subway. This train is a must have and now we got it.

We've got a lot of nice bombings, but sometimes older ones getting out of view. Another point is we missed the element of a battle. That's why we got two new categories now: "Best of the day" and "Best of the week". Here you can see a gallery with the best bombings from a day or a week. That means you have a battle on each day now. Who is the best?

cheers and happy new year

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New videos 27.12.2012

Hamburg underground train is the most bombed train on our site but has the worst videos. From now we have some new and better videos for this train. Have fun.

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Server Problems 24.12.2012

Since two days we got strange problems with our servers. It was a hardware problem but now it seems everything is fine again and no data is lost. We wish you all a merry christmas and some time to make nice bombings ;)


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Hey Dudes 29.11.2012

In the last days we made some website improvements, here are some of them:

  • A new news section, where you can also make comments.
  • Posibility to navigate to the next bombing directly from the detail page without going back to the gallery.
  • A new regio trainpad, the old one was really crappy.
  • In the videos now it´s shown the writers name and the rate score.
  • Turning off the sound, it stays like that even if you reload the page.
  • New videos in the blackbook. Now it´s possible to watch a movie of the current page or a movie with your best 40 trains.

Our next plan is to invite some more writers ( would be nice if you can help us ) and maybe as a holiday present there are coming new train videos ;).

We would like to hear some feedback from you in the comments.

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