Hi Friends, some words to you all 12.11.2016

First of all, we are reaching 100.000 pieces maybe this year, this is amazing. Thank you all for your great work and let's bring this forward.

This whole project started just for fun and I spent a lot of my spare time on it. I want to bring this forward and add new spots, features etc. and this is only possible if I have fun. I also have to ensure that there is a minimum amount of manners. Sometimes this forces me to an action which I don't like, and I hate censorship, but sometimes I need to do this. Usually my only weapon is to warn a user or if that does not help to suspend him for few days. If this happens to you and you are feeling that this is a mistake, you can send me an email and discuss the issue in private, I'm always open to talk. 


Shared group accounts

In the last week some stuff happend here and I just want you all to know what exactly happend because some rumor is going on. I banned the collabo account because I have one big problem with shared accounts. People can use it anonymous and it is hard to follow who is acting and commenting there. For me it's is not possible to reach all members if I want to talk to them because I have only the email of the creator of the account.

For the future here are some rules for all shared acounts:

  • Every member acts in the name of the group
  • If anyone of the group does shit all other members are affected and the account could be suspended
  • Don't write any comments with the group accounts, please use your real user accounts instead
  • If the account is suspended then there is a reason, please talk to me in private of you have questions


Voting system

The last update of the voting system is 2 years ago, back in the days it was a great improvement but now we have battles, more and more users and the conditions changed. For new users it's nearly impossible to reach into the fame kings because of long term users, and there is too less competition and change. My plan is to rethink the whole voting system because I think change is always good and can break old structures.

I have already a lot of really nice ideas and input from some users. If you have thoughts please send me an email to [email protected] 

Many of you don't like the current voting system. That is fine and you can always express your criticism if you have something in mind, I'm always open for improvements and happy if you let me know. But I don't want to read again and again and again the same bullshit like "sucking &%$§ for votes" and other blaaa blaaa. The voting system is currently like it is, please accept this.


New Spots

New spots are comming. YEAH. I have a lot of new videos and photos from New York and I hope I find time soon to create new spots from that. As a goodie and preview I have a brand new spot for you all - the Hudson Train Yard in New York.


More realism

A big thanks to Franky because he told me to tune the spot backgrounds somehow to achieve a more realistic look with shadow and light effects on top of the drawing. After some try and error I'm happy to show you this. To me it looks incredible if you compare it to like it was before. These two spots use this new technique: 

  • Hudson Train Yard
  • Hamburg Underground

I'm not sure about the intensity of the effect, please let me know here in the comments what you think. All new spots will use this by default. The old ones I have to update later on. If you want to compare the difference you can try this: open a unpublished piece (then you see the original version), in another browser tab start to edit the piece. 


That's all. I wish you a happy bombing. 




Posted over 7 years ago

Die: Good news and good work.
One thing: we cant cover GU logo with the last update...

Posted over 7 years ago

Die: i sent an email.

For push background details, with last update, colors dont cover, yeah we can see more details of train now, but we cant cover Doors, Gu logo, and surface in general.
Maybe just push again colors for fix them. Or, if you have a layer, just manage trasparency.

Posted over 7 years ago

Yo .. what with new spot in GU Android app ?? Because I don't have that yet

Posted over 7 years ago

Having clarity issues with saving, the more times you save your work, each time you go back to work on it, the older work becomes more blurry, So you have to go back and re-outline all your previous work to make it clear again.

Posted about 7 years ago

@admin I am unable to post any of my new stuff. It says that I am offline but am online. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Posted about 7 years ago

Hi solerone,

The problem occurs when you do this:

- paint
- Save on device
- paint again
- save online

The problem is you can’t upload a image if you clicked „save on device“ before you click „save online"
But you can save directly online, that means don’t use the „save on device“ button. Instead do this:

- paint
- click Save online
- paint more
- save and publish online

Please let me know if this fixes your problem.

best regards and happy bombing

Posted over 6 years ago

In regards to creating new surfaces for the site.
If the surface isn't a train. Like the street art wall, is a video still necessary? Or would some hires photographs be ok? When i view the videos of those kind of surfaces, it just zooms in and out of the surface, is that done when filming or is it an after effect?
Only there are some really cool walls and abandonned spots in my city, which i could photograph and send. I could also video record themif needs be. But thought it best to check if that would be necessary first.

Posted over 6 years ago

hi-res photographs*

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