Redesign of the website 06.06.2016

Hi friends,

after a lot of long nights we are happy to finally release the new webite. The old "design" just happend when i was building this website 4 years ago. Along with the design there are some other small improvement. 

Mobile version

Website is now ready and optimized for smartphones and tablets. 

Improved blackbook

Your blackbook is your entry point and shows all writers what you did. Imageslider at the top shows your best pieces. Also there are now the same navigation possibilities like in the regular galeries, that allow you to search i.e. "my best bombings from last year"


List of the winners of the battles shows who is the battle king. I hope this enforces you to participate more often in a battle ;)


A big thank you to my girl friend FLARE for all the help and support to let this big change happen. I don't know what i would do without you.

Use the comments to give your feedback. If you encoutner any bug please let us know, mail to [email protected].


Posted almost 8 years ago

Thanks guys for this new update the website look really professional , what do you reckon to create a clan section ?

Posted almost 8 years ago

Posted almost 8 years ago

Any chance of some new surfaces down the line?

Posted almost 8 years ago

bella idea greggs

Posted almost 8 years ago

pure le linee dritte non sarebbero male =)

Posted almost 8 years ago

NEW SPOTS were very nice man.

Posted almost 8 years ago

There's a problem with the site on the mobile. There doesn't seem to be a login button so when you login there's no way to logout and switch accounts. This isn't on the app by the way

Posted over 7 years ago

@ACER: there should be a button. If you or anyone else still having the problem please let me know.

Posted almost 3 years ago

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