Hey Dudes 29.11.2012

In the last days we made some website improvements, here are some of them:

  • A new news section, where you can also make comments.
  • Posibility to navigate to the next bombing directly from the detail page without going back to the gallery.
  • A new regio trainpad, the old one was really crappy.
  • In the videos now it´s shown the writers name and the rate score.
  • Turning off the sound, it stays like that even if you reload the page.
  • New videos in the blackbook. Now it´s possible to watch a movie of the current page or a movie with your best 40 trains.

Our next plan is to invite some more writers ( would be nice if you can help us ) and maybe as a holiday present there are coming new train videos ;).

We would like to hear some feedback from you in the comments.


Posted over 11 years ago

nice site. will be a shame if lots of teenies find out about it and do stupid scribbles like some painted lately!

Posted over 11 years ago

Pls more models...nice site. keep it running!

Posted over 11 years ago

its nice but, it was better if you upload more models, and if possible, create "collab missions"

Posted over 10 years ago

noble cheater... impossible to have so many like in each miserable piece. just saying. the man aka the only one aka baby face aka young miserable god

Posted over 9 years ago


Posted over 9 years ago

l think site is really fun.''.......

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