IOS and Android APP is out now 02.05.2018


there were some trouble with the app stores but finally our apps are ready. You can download or update:

Play Store and IOS App Store

IMPORTANT: there is no PRO version anymore because it was too much work to have multiple versions. We use now InApp-Purchase to unlock the app and to provide new spot packs. If you already paid for the pro version then you can request a voucher code to unlock the app. In this case please send us an email with your username to [email protected] within the next 30 days.

However, we would appreciate it really much if you want to help us to develop this website and app further. If you feel you want to give us something back then you could buy the app once again ;)


Posted about 1 year ago

When came "Hardcore Mode" and the new walls at the mobil version?

Posted about 1 year ago

It's already online in the stores. Do you see no update? IOS or Android?

Posted 12 months ago

"Verbindung zum App Store nicht möglich" kommt immer wenn ich die neuen Features freischalten will.

Posted 12 months ago

@Powerbomber: Kannst du denn andere Apps installieren? Das scheint ja irgendwie eher an Apple zu liegen und nicht an unserer App. Vielleicht check das hier mal:

Posted 12 months ago

Sonst funktioniert alles - hab’s nochmal mit nem anderen iOS Handy getestet - selbes Problem. Mir scheint die Verlinkung zum AppStore in der App daher fehlerhaft zu sein.

Posted 11 months ago

Danke Mad für den Gutschein - hat nun alles geklappt mit der Freischaltung - peace

Posted 11 months ago

Posted 11 months ago

Hello. If you help me i would be happy in also buying the app. I cant save any of my bombs in pc browser. Please tell me how to fix it!

Posted 10 months ago

Yoyo please add function "save colors"

Posted 9 months ago

Would be superb if this app had better PC optimization for use with larger tablets, 4K higher resolution + additional sizes of templates for 2 or more rail cars for the all-out writer & crew collaborations.

But that would be overkill! ;)

Posted 9 months ago

Please add Eyedropper tool, it would improve collaborations alot.

Posted 6 months ago

Are we able to get vouchers for multiple devices we've purchased the app and spot packs on? I unlocked the app on two iPads and brought spot packs on both

Posted 2 months ago

This Amazing Graffiti Creator Needs Some Chilean Touches On It Add These Trains
. Valparaiso Subway Train
.Santiago Alameda Nos Train 2 Paintable Cars

And And Extra Thing Add Images Without Drawing Them By Yourself For Example Characters Pre Drawn Stuff And Pre Made Tags

Posted about 2 months ago

Hey Admin I Can't Make Anymore Bombings I Waited Like 1 Minute And Nothing

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