End of Flash Player 30.12.2020

Hi Friends,

### End of Flash Player

The Flash Player era comes to an end and Adobe will no longer support it after end of this month.
What does that mean to you? If you are using the IOS or Android App then nothing will change for you.
If you are using a desktop/laptop computer and the website for painting and watching the videos this will not work anymore in the browser.

### Desktop app for Windows and Mac

As a workaround we exported the mobile app for Windows and Mac. You can use this apps to paint new pieces and too see the videos. This is the full version of the app without ads and with all spots. 


Unpack the zip and start GU.exe


Unpack the zip and start GU_Pro application. If you see the system security error then you have to do thius:

  • open settings
  • open security
  • allow to open of GU_Pro


### Future of Graffiti Unlimited

This project started as a fun prototype nearly 10 years ago and back in the days Adobe Flash was a very cool way of programming interactive stuff for the web.
Sadly this technology is officially dead now. How we can move forward from here?

If Graffiti Unlimited should stay alive i have to convert the flash app to modern web technologies.
But this is serious hard work and i don't know if and when i find the time and energy to start this project.

### Thank you

Graffiti Unlimited is nothing without the beautiful pieces that you made in more then 9 years.
Thank you so much for taking part in this incredible experiment that connects people form all over the world.

Keep on writing


Posted over 1 year ago

Ok. So I downloaded the zip file. After the 31st what do I do? I am running on a desk top windows.

Posted over 1 year ago

Thanks for reply. I personally thoroughly enjoy GU and have always used the app so that is good to know...it is not going away! Please keep the updates coming...it is the only site we've got really. Im sure NEW areas or packs can be paid for to help the process. We all appreciate you-AK

Posted over 1 year ago

He has spoken!!!!

Posted over 1 year ago

Is the zip file the full version of the app? Because the app i downloaded on ipad and iphone wont let me post without paying for full version and when i try to pay the link doesnt work.

Posted over 1 year ago

Geno just unpack the zip and start the GU.exe

Posted over 1 year ago

Unlock App button broken for iOS

Posted over 1 year ago

@GRAVESONE These apps are fully featured with all spots and free to use like the website was before. You can use it on windows or mac computers.

For IPhone/iPad nothing changed. you have to download the app from ios app store, unlock and pay to get all the features.

@RIZELINO This is bad and should work. Are you using this app? https://apps.apple.com/us/app/graffiti-unlimited/id609816484

Posted over 1 year ago

@ADMIN thanks for the reply...its the normal app that comes up in app store that i am using, probably same for RIZEL...when u click to purchase the full version it takes u back to the app store and then says cant connect to app store...i tried using the app store normally after this and it works fine so its not a network issue...dont know much about coding but i think something is missing in the link

Posted over 1 year ago

Lies. I have android one and it just cuts my pieces in half everytime and wont save for shit.

Posted about 1 year ago

Posted about 1 year ago

The Windows app worked great. But the Windows app no longer saves the pictures. Annoying when I paint a picture which is then lost. Still 3 days ago it saved the pictures, now it always gets stuck.

Posted 10 months ago

Posted 10 months ago

no access

Posted 4 months ago

Best solution to draw on the web with flash. Check my profile for info!

Posted about 2 months ago

Mad appreciation fam. Please keep GU alive it's one of the best things ever. Allows artists all over the world to improve and connect with people they never would have otherwise. Respect!! -Fatal

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