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The Berlin Wall in Berlin 21 Mar 2016 00:16:17


Posted over 3 years ago

Hi. Should i move this to the battle?

Posted over 3 years ago

yees, please

Posted over 3 years ago

Tip for the next time:

Currently it is not possible to save a bombing for a battle directly from the app. But there is a workaround:

- go to website with a laptop or desktop computer
- login
- open battle and click „add your bombing“
- start to paint something (maybe just a colored background) and click save -> save online (don’t publish)
- now open your app on your tablet/smartphone and go to your blackbook
- click the edit button
- if you are done click „save and publish“

We hope you can live with this workaround until we have time to integrate it in the app.

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