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Brick wall in Bushwick in New York 17 Sep 2023 23:12:14


Posted 8 months ago

Great balance, colors, shadowing, dimension, the list goes on.

Posted 8 months ago

Dope style! / smile

Posted 8 months ago

Thanks fellas. Just chillin smoking some green and chillin ,
Peace ,.

Posted 8 months ago

This is fresher than a new baked cake

Posted 8 months ago

Ohh stop. Lols. - long live king Cozey

Posted 7 months ago

Mate you got dope skillz that’s a FACT!!!

Posted 5 months ago

Shit fellas. When I can’t fall asleep I dream of graff
My mind races like a game of pinball - funny thing I hate greens ( besides green apple rusto or hunter green 90’s krylon. - ahh I can smell that mother effer now. Lols - peace

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