KRiNGe 970

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BOTD: 1 BOTW: 0 Bombings: 240
Bombing 1596094082579
White Truck in Berlin 30 Jul 2020 07:28:56


Posted almost 2 years ago

Finaly, some one who understands the battle:)

Posted almost 2 years ago

Lookin good!

Posted almost 2 years ago

Nice Bro, that realy reminds me on the "SparVar" Cans i used, back in the days when i startet with Graffiti! ☺

Posted almost 2 years ago

Lime how did you use an emoji wth it dosnt work with me

Posted over 1 year ago

@ INFERNOE! It's a kind of "ASCII-Code" usually for Keyboards with "Num-Block" on right site... On my Keyboard i need to press and hold "left Alt" and then type 1, 2, 3... or 10, 11, 12... on the "Num-Block" ☺☺☺ that "Smiley" is "Alt + 1" for example!...

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