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Brick wall in Bushwick in New York 10 Jul 2020 12:07:42


Posted 24 days ago

You are a sick fuck. Lol. Fuckin nice job. Much love. * QueenJamz*

Posted 24 days ago

Pure art my friend ! sick

Posted 24 days ago

Excellent shadowing, creative theme. A+

Posted 24 days ago


Posted 24 days ago

This Kicks ass Snadams.

Posted 22 days ago

Yo the mans back at his best sik works fella absolutely dope!! CoZe

Posted 19 days ago

Looks sik bro some of the best detail

Posted 19 days ago


Posted 19 days ago

Thanks peeps,much appreciated :)

Posted 6 days ago

About 20 min. I black out the back ground, use the finest line with a color for the water in a fast back and forth pattern with the mouse almost filling it in. Then strike a horizon line, add a mountain back drop or some silloutte and fog in reflective color / shadowing.

Posted 5 days ago

I was looking through your portfolio and came across a similiar one that I did but you beat me to the punch! Check it out

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