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Garage Door in New York 26 Mar 2020 22:33:31


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Posted 2 months ago

Lol. Thats funny, i love it

Posted about 2 months ago

Re ; staggering indeed...
(Escaped city, back to pagan roots...forest :)..)
Luckily I’ve got 33% Yah-Yet DNA, so the greys cant brainfuck this one into the fear paralyzed herd.
Debrainwashed ages ago by ending cable contract and eventually leave tv at friend’s house for them to ‘enjoy’...
Before lockdown trust in our government was at all time low, now 75% of the suckers think the government is doing good now, even begging for a lockdown of fucks immediately start creating a compagny to apply drones with speakers to make sure we stay 1,5m aside from each other....1984 is on....hehehe...

Fear is the mindkiller, camouflage the mind, connect with forest/sea/sky....our true overlords ;)

Posted about 1 month ago

X ;)

Posted 14 days ago

Ignore Alien Orders

Posted 14 days ago


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