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Playground in New York 28 Feb 2020 20:02:08


Posted 28 days ago

very nice syn.peace!()

Posted 28 days ago

WOW bro, that's awesome. i feel it.
ps: that background and the buildings looks soo REAL ... nice work

Posted 28 days ago


Posted 26 days ago

Killer piece Snadams.

Posted 26 days ago

On Fire!! And btw: Sometimes the „10 Minutes“ sign is a bug because you wrote a comment on psy70 ;) cheers

Posted 26 days ago

Ah I see,was thinking was insane for 10 mins xD...Thanks pal :)

Posted 21 days ago

Yo snad just burning it up

Posted 20 days ago

The best

Posted 17 days ago

omg awesome bro!

Posted 17 days ago

Hey Snadams, Nova is back, as "New Nova' maybe his old account got messed up or something. I was having a problem not too long ago logging in on G.U. , My buddy Smile got me squared away and back in business though.

Posted 9 days ago

Thanks peeps :)

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