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Posted 5 months ago

You sure know Jazz’s classix!
Digging the black and white vibe obviously

re; Yes, all good, things changed so haven’t had the drive to post here for a while.
But alive and kicking, yet atm at other platforms/media/machines.
Started series of digital portrait works since begin dec and while at it got offered an opportunity to expose some 2D and 3D works build within a virtual communtiy both from the ‘real’ world, and the ‘virtual worlds and then mix up at the event.
Will be in a former psychiatric jail, so I’m getting a cell to do stuff in...but this time the door stays open all the time.
Hope you and yours found good new location since eviction, but since you wrote it with a smiley, I assume it’s ok and all?
Take care and keep on painting :)

Posted 5 months ago

Im happy to hear your still alive & kicking! I was starting to wonder if you had popped off this mortal coil, but here you are, awesome! That work your doing sounds interesting & challenging, the psych jail cell might provide some interesting future art ideas, & make sure that fucking door stays open! Us mob are ok, a few have split for work elsewhere, im doing barwork, shite but it pays.. IM really glad you got in touch, Keep in fine fettle an form Yen :)

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