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Brick wall in Bushwick in New York 23 Nov 2019 18:33:47


Posted about 2 years ago

Look Out!

Posted about 2 years ago

Still cool, regardless it being unfinished :)
Re ; drive the truck to The Netherlands and it shall be done!
Did various cars/trucks, yet mostly black/white/red combi, cause that’s my personal favorite colorsceme....going fullcolor makes me nuts, too many choices, hence the more chaotic/busy look of colored stuff..
Curious how colorblind vision is different to ‘normal’ vision, according to a colorblind friend it makes certain colors less contrastic against each other and blend sorta....
A blind friend of mine likes to hear me describe the surroundings in colors/shapes, sometimes even likes to touch/feel things to get a clearer ‘picture” in his mind.
It’s pretty eye-opening to guide a blind man through rushhour citycentre, makes one appreciate the daily surroundings, and makes one surprised how blind the non-blinds are made.

Posted about 2 years ago

Yo Amy this is siiiiik I love it Coze, And Yen I also have a friend who teaches blind children in exactly the way you are saying she is a beautiful human being and I love how she defines the world and objects to them!!! #gifted

Posted almost 2 years ago

Thank you! :)

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