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Brick wall in Bushwick in New York 23 Nov 2019 18:33:47


Posted 7 months ago

unfinished, pressed send instead of save! :(

Posted 7 months ago

Look Out!

Posted 7 months ago

Still cool, regardless it being unfinished :)
Re ; drive the truck to The Netherlands and it shall be done!
Did various cars/trucks, yet mostly black/white/red combi, cause that’s my personal favorite colorsceme....going fullcolor makes me nuts, too many choices, hence the more chaotic/busy look of colored stuff..
Curious how colorblind vision is different to ‘normal’ vision, according to a colorblind friend it makes certain colors less contrastic against each other and blend sorta....
A blind friend of mine likes to hear me describe the surroundings in colors/shapes, sometimes even likes to touch/feel things to get a clearer ‘picture” in his mind.
It’s pretty eye-opening to guide a blind man through rushhour citycentre, makes one appreciate the daily surroundings, and makes one surprised how blind the non-blinds are made.

Posted 7 months ago

Yo Amy this is siiiiik I love it Coze, And Yen I also have a friend who teaches blind children in exactly the way you are saying she is a beautiful human being and I love how she defines the world and objects to them!!! #gifted

Posted 6 months ago

Thanks guyz. Yen, il definatly contact you if I head north 2your patch for that paint job! As for being colourblind, its complicated, I don't go near wiring even plugs! I see in shades of certain colours which is the best way for me to explain it.. Your friend Yen who explained it as blending is correct, its just normal to me, but I have to ask a friend if im painting or on here, what colours are what as something can come out looking really weird! The most thing I hate about being colour blind is when arseholes want to play the "What colour is this? game", people usually get told to go get fucked! Lol. Thanks for the support you guys, I find your work both very inspirational. Amy ;)

Posted 5 months ago

Thank you! :)

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