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Posted over 2 years ago

dude where's the dino? He is the coolest one!

Posted about 2 years ago

Ahaha yeah i know i failed when i didnt put the dino in the piece, but i have an idea of the 2 version of this graff, nd the dino will be there ahaha

Posted about 2 years ago

yo bro I've tried 2 different pieces with the horrortheme character 2different walls and my app won't post!???I'm fucking frustrated with itnow mybad bro maybe u start this one off again this year its mine!!lol hit me back my guy-jeroe

Posted over 1 year ago

Where you been at big guy!?

Posted about 1 year ago

Been working so hard bro, summer here in portimao is so popular, almost no time for people, but im back now

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