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Playground in New York 08 Aug 2019 02:13:42


Posted 15 days ago

Gotta kinda 3d look and it the lines?

Posted 15 days ago

Nah,its actually suppose to be a glitch effect,didnt really turn out how I wanted tho. I seen someone do it on youtube the other day,said ill give it a go,this more of a test run tho.

Posted 15 days ago

Still better then doke ;)

Posted 15 days ago

LOL That's where I seen it, yeah. I just reused one of my old pieces for it,prob have to try make a new one to fit the style.

Posted 14 days ago

That "didn't turn out how you wanted"? Shit's fire yo.

Posted 13 days ago

lol,thanks bro :)

Posted 12 days ago


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