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Posted over 5 years ago

wow! i really want to learn that style... it called wild-style, or?

...nice schadows by the way! ^^

Posted over 5 years ago

Coze is really kind of dope!! His style you can call "wild" for sure ^^

Posted over 5 years ago

Yeah without a doubt Coze is really good same as Demo one-Smile DHC-Siegerone-No Talent-M'RS-Reyez-Rikser-File24-Devas-Panza-The Seoz-DNZ-Mental-Cosk one-Franky-Fenks and many others, too many to list lol.

Wildstyle is a style usually interlocking of letters with complexity most the time arrows. There is many great writers on here with unique styles

Posted over 5 years ago

Yepp, i`m gettin lot of impressed in here!! The user "Trap" is a friend of mine and bring me in this community!

(sry for my worse english :D)

Posted over 5 years ago

yo rates, thx 4 that probs! on GU are a lot of awesome writers. everyday i go online 2 check some new dope stuf. peace guys / Smile

Posted over 5 years ago

Smile agreed, is all good bro

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