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Garage Door in New York 09 Jun 2020 21:36:25


Posted about 1 month ago

Posted about 1 month ago

Cool work's in our BB. Keep it going and do it more often. I really like your art.

Posted about 1 month ago


Posted about 1 month ago

Sick idea, good job

Posted 11 days ago

OMG SIS. Fuckin niiiiice job. Sorry , I been sick I'm back. Hope you are doing well love. Have a good day sis. * Q

Posted 10 days ago

Hey J, hope u on the mend! was wondering where u were at. Eat plenty of garlic itsa wonderism food, get sum Echinacea too, drop the lot your b feelin up in no time! Sunnyside side up smiles comin atchya :))

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