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Underground Station (red) in Berlin 12 Feb 2019 20:21:11


Posted 2 months ago

Thanx Bro! YO! Old school style! Amazing!

Posted 2 months ago

Lol hardly amazing? But ta.

Posted 2 months ago

Posted about 1 hour ago
I don't actually understand how if you appreciate graffiti why you are so dismissive of Syres talents?
Kinda makes you all look envious.

You want my opinion?
I can see he has skills obviously. But it is totally the opposite of what I like. It's the kind of graff I'd expect in a child's room or what non-writers (who don't know shit about graffiti in general) want to see.
It has no "identity" if you know what I mean... I think we all once started with painting spraycans and 3D stuff, didn't we?
No offense to syre, just my 2 cents.

(And the ratings here are totally bullshit anyway. It's nice to get recognition but a vote has no value if it is used like a checkbox.)

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