Update 2018 11.04.2018

Hey friends, after long long time we are happy to present you an update of graffiti-unlimited with new features and new spots. And here we go.

Hardcore Mode

This is for the real writers out there. You have only limited amount of time, if you don't hurry up the cops will bust you.
For the beginning we set the time limit to 10 minutes for each spot but we're not sure if this is to much or to less.
Please let us know if we should adjust it. Hint: you can't save and edit your pieces, becasue in real live you also can't go back into the yard ;)

New spots

  • New York White Truck
  • New York Playground
  • New York Brick Wall
  • New York Garage

Image quality

In the past you all had the issue that the images were more blurry each time you reopen and edit them. This is better now.
We increased the image quality to 400%. Now you can paint more detailed images and keep the quality.
All your collaborations should look better now. ATTENTION: if you edit a image that has already high resolution in an old version of the app then you will have maybe some display problems. It's better to edit images only with the same device.

Hall of fame

The old hall of fame was too fixed and it was really hard to enter the top 10. Now we have 4 sections to have a wider range and different possibilities
to enter

  • recent fame
  • hardcore kings
  • all time fame
  • most actions

In all categories the list is ordered by so called "fame". The fame is calculated with this formula:

FAME = stars * 0.1 + botd * 50 + botw * 100 + battleWins * 100

These numbers can change in future. It's really hard to find a balance between all parameters. 

"recent fame" calculation includes only pieces of the last month. You have to be very active to stay on top.
"hardcore kings"calculation includes only pieces of hardcore mode. Be aware that this category needs some time to show good results
"all time fame" includes all pieces of all time, this is like the old writers page


Your Blackbook

You have now your writer name in the url of your blackbook, looks like that: http://graffiti-unimited/writers/my_name


It is an enormous amount of work to maintain our apps for different plattforms because on each plattform there is a free and pro version of the app.
To make things easier for us we decided to get rid of the PRO version. We will have only one app in the future. The App is free with limited features like before but you can unlock the app and buy new spot packs via InnApPurchase.With the money you help us a lot to develop and enhance the website and app.


Last words

Leave your comments and let us know if you like the new spots and also if you find any bugs. 


Habby bombing



Posted 10 days ago

Comments are working now, leave your message here.

Posted 10 days ago

Bugfix: Some users had problems to save the new Brick Wall spot because the paint area is so big. I made some adjustments, save should be work better now. Please tell me if you have problems with other spots.

Posted 10 days ago

Yo first of all big thanks for the nice update and all the work you invested in this site!
- I recognized that it is not possible to go to the 2nd page of the blackbook

Just some more thoughts:
- It would be nice to save the colors that were used for a piece - especially for collaborations
- Maybe its possible to set a random bust time for hardcore mode from 5 to 25 minutes or sth. like that


Posted 10 days ago

When painting/uploading trains in easy mode
the 10minute ''symbol'' appears by the text like this
(not on the thumbnail though wich is good);

In hardcore mode:
Remove undo?

Posted 10 days ago

Mabye raise 10min to 12min. But nothing more.

Posted 10 days ago

My app (pro version) does not have new walls...are they supposed to be on there?

Posted 10 days ago

Posted 10 days ago

the new stuff has glitches. I cant save my work on the new panels. And the new hardcore scenes don't work for ME. hope you can FIX! thanx !

Posted 10 days ago

Hasn’t come out on the app yet no update no new spots nothing when’s that happening

Posted 10 days ago

To all app users: I hope in the next days the apps are ready. First i have to check if the website is running fine. Some users have problems to save pieces and i have to fix this first. The reason behind: the resolution of the saved images is bigger now and that means 4 times more pixels and file size. It seems this is way too much for some computers.

Until the apps are released it's better not to mix app and website when you edit pieces. But you can always check like this: if you open the piece to edit just look if the image is displayed correctly. If it's too big(double size) or too small (half size) don't continue. But if it's looking ok you can edit and save.

@powerbomber: thanks, bug is fixed
@OTP: thanks you too, bug is fixed

@kraze: can you give me some more details please? send me an email to [email protected] please.

Posted 9 days ago

Grv: Thanks for the update Mad, you did an awesome job on this one.

Posted 9 days ago

my blackook is from writer "DOEL"

Posted 9 days ago

@Travor: sorry, bug is fixed. I thought this is a really tiny change to use the usernames in the url ;)

Posted 9 days ago

@all: please let me know if you still have saving issues.

Posted 9 days ago

thx M4d!

Posted 9 days ago

Mjoe: thanks for the update. For me on psycho70s it is still not possible to go to page 2 or more.
Only if you type it in the browser.
I have only sometimes crashes but some guys have only crashes I hope you can fix that in the next days.

Posted 9 days ago

@mjoe: oh thanks, I will have a look

@all other writers: please be patient if some stuff is not working and if you have to wait for my response. There is a lot on my plate these days. I will fix all problems. Thank you really much for your help. We have so much features now, it's really hard to test everything. I need you guys to help me ;)

Btw: it's really awesome to see what you do in less then 10 min. Wow.

Posted 9 days ago

If you can go to the second page of your Blackbook or in other writers pages:

Workaround till bug is fixed: just replace the Id in the browser URL with the writer name or just add /?page=2.

Like this:

Posted 9 days ago

Once again because many users are confused:

During the trasition phase and till I release the apps you have to be careful with collaborations because the images are saved in differemt resolutions.

Please always check:
if you open the piece to edit just look if the image is displayed correctly. If it's too big(double size) or too small (half size) don't continue. But if it's looking ok you can edit and save.

AMD don't be afraid, Your old unfinished pieces are not lost. Just wait few days until you can edit and continue without problems. I will tell you when you can.

That also means, you shouldn't mix app an website. If you do collabs. you should talk to each other to avoid that.

Stay tuned and I'm really sorry if you destroyed accidentally some pieces.

I hope everything is more clear to you now.

Posted 9 days ago

Yoooo, thx for bew walls!!

Posted 9 days ago


Posted 9 days ago

melch: The "you cant publish more than one piece in 5 minutes" stuff is not good.
There are great examples on main gallery of 2 or 3 car end to ends of different crews here - Why lock out that realism and why cut down the positive stuff only to ban the negative.
I dont think there is a huge problem with spam stuff (like 1 color cars) on this site, so no need for this.
For the group accounts it is also not good if people paint on different pieces and upload at the same time...
I think graffiti writing even online can be very fast and in motion so why restrict uploads and cut this part of graff.

Posted 9 days ago

tach ,,,,wollte mal bescheid geben kann keine bilder mehr speichern ....egal ob normal oder hardcore????wieso das den ????ist sehr schade

Posted 9 days ago

und das überall bei mir A_team usw.....hoffe lässt sich beheben ,,,,,hab gestern nur zeit verschwendet ,,,,,,finde aber die neuen sachen sehr gut kann sie bloss nicht benutzen

Posted 7 days ago

@Devas: mhhh das ist Mist. Ist das bei allen Spots so oder nur bei manchen?

Posted 7 days ago

ist eigenartig mal gehts mal nicht ,,,,,,,hab auch auch das seite 2 problem ,,,,bei den spots ging am anfang die neuen dann nicht ,,,,,heute ging es wieder .........aber machst das schon ,,,will nicht nur rum motzen , die farben jetzt 1a ,,spots geil ,,,,10.min stehe ich auch voll drauf aber ging bei mir nur am anfang ,,,,,trotzdem respect macht laune

Posted 7 days ago

kann mal morgen testen wegen speichern ....gestern ging es bei nur auf den alten

Posted 7 days ago

Merci für die neuen Sachen. Taugen voll und da ist ma gleich wieder motiviert viel zu malen. Allerdings des "you cant publish more than one piece in 5 minutes" ist wirklich störend vorallem wenn man im 10-Minuten Modus arbeitet. Aber vielleicht ist es ja auch zu Hardcore mehr als ein Bild in 5 Minuten zu malen :D

Thanks for the new stuff it seems to be really nice and interesting. Just the "you cant publish more than one piece in 5 minutes"-Thing is not very cool espacilly when your painting in the 10 minutes-mode.

Posted 7 days ago

@devas and others with saving problems:
i changed the resolution back to normal for a lot of spots like all japan spots and the white trucks. Can you try these again and tell me if they are working now for you?

Posted 7 days ago

Bugfix: page 2-x in blackbook is working now.

Posted 6 days ago

wann wird das problem mit den bildern behoben, die klein oben links in der ecke sind?

Posted 6 days ago

@AMG: das ist bereits behoben.
@all in english: you can edit old pieces now, they should be small anymore.

Posted 6 days ago

Echt nochmal Danke für deine viele Arbeit hier! Der 2. Seite Bug ist ja schon mal weg. Ansonsten läuft es bei mir echt top. Das mit der 5 min Regulierung finde ich allerdings auch nicht so pralle. Macht dein Collabo Accounts nicht so viel Sinn, verstehe aber sonst was du damit bezwecken willst. peace

Posted 6 days ago

@admin, bei uns aufm account ist ein bild was klein blieb. (oben links in der ecke) kannste das mal genauer unter die lupe nehmen?

Posted 5 days ago

@AMG: Schau mal bei dem BIld in die Kommentare, hoffe das ist OK.

Posted 5 days ago

jo admin danke für die schnelle hilfe ...10 min geht nicht sobald ich mehr als 5min brauche ,,,,,,speichern klappt wieder ,,,wes wieder rum spinnen sollte geb ich bescheid,,,,und nochmal danke für die schnelle hilfe

Posted 1 day ago

@admin, I can not save my work, please correct ...

Posted about 15 hours ago

- thema speichern:
die art sperre "30% muss bemalt sein", könnte man entfernen, wenn bilder als unfertig gespeichert werden.

sobald es veröffentlicht wird kann ja eine abfrage stattfinden.

wenn das mal geregelt ist dann, hab ich noch weitere ideen für die zukunft worüber 90% aller user mehr als erfreut sein werden.


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