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Brick wall in Bushwick in New York 07 Sep 2018 11:49:19


Posted 12 days ago

Malomahnie / Smile-Dhc

Posted 12 days ago

Luke can be lucky that you shot the sheriff with that one too late... Stabiles Teil! These Clouds!!

Posted 11 days ago

O_O ! Crazy dope !
Good job !

Posted 11 days ago

perfect !

Posted 11 days ago

dope scenery/nbz

Posted 11 days ago


Posted 11 days ago

Thats cool as shit

Posted 11 days ago

That looks very real!

Posted 11 days ago

Background is absolutely dope.....

Posted 10 days ago

So heftig :D Malo ist echt der Background King

Posted 8 days ago

Background is good! Maybe some outlines would be nice on the buildings but thats a matter of taste.. (3Dish stuff + BG is very often done without outlines.) The cactus on the right should be left away. It takes away the depth of the whole picture... (The bottom is cut?)
For smile, when you make a 3D... Why don't you use vanishing points? And where's your horizon?
Picture below is an example of what I mean:

Guys do what you want with my advice. If you think I'm stupid or wrong, then go ahead with what you're doing and stay at the same level...

Luckily there's difference in tastes and styles, but it always begins with the basics.

Youtube knows alot of shit:


Posted 6 days ago


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