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Posted 12 days ago

zombie yo admin can you recovered this piece the system disconnect thank you

Posted 12 days ago

i make train and after hour i save it and train is uploading one hour and its laged .. is a third time dat hapend to me ... its never hapen before admin added new trains ... i dont get it :/ im alone ?

Posted 12 days ago

:( i've send Mad an email. I think he can fix it.

Posted 11 days ago

Rune: I dont think he'd care about this after he banned us from DEMO. I dont see much care about this app too.

Posted 11 days ago

grv: Deal with it, I think this site has the most quality/loyal writers. Different sites, different features... s.w.a.t. has the best engine but with all the facebook bullshit, graffiter has a cool livedrawing app but comes with a pool of toys my little nephew would instantly be jealous of... For a 1 man army this site is pretty decent.

2 pieces, 2 characters and a black & white background?
will add this afternoon, i'll let you know when finished so you can add & publish...

Posted 11 days ago

Rune: Dont take me wrong, i know it took lot of work to put this together and props for that, but what i miss is some dialogue between us to make this even fresher, i like the new surfaces, it spiced it up here, but theres lot of good ideas around. Imagine crew online chat, with all online memebers for example (i know this site is not designed for crews, but is hould be:(), or GU forums for feedback and update discussions, thats what i miss here, melch and all you guys built great community here and im glad to be part of it.

About that collabo: yep. i'll be ready!

Posted 11 days ago

there might or might not be something new coming out..
i might or might not am looking out for developers.


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