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Underground Train in Hamburg 01 Apr 2018 17:07:07


Posted 20 days ago

Quickie for SOUR.

Posted 19 days ago

dope,nice colors bro

Posted 19 days ago

Clean !

Posted 19 days ago

Thanks bro! thats dope as hell! Luvin the colours

Posted 19 days ago

Does it say Dfukt?

Posted 19 days ago

thats what i think it says

Posted 19 days ago

thats what i think it says

Posted 16 days ago

Cool shit! And now drop the straight line tool for the next level :P

Btw Demo stole this botd again, fucking TOY... I really can't believe he is cool with it, and the others he collabs with are cool with it.
Biggest fraud on G.U! Never seen a well deserved botd/botw from him.

Posted 15 days ago

thx groove ...
yeah ... i lost 4x botd because members here selfvote trains with colab acounts ... and demo like every shit train here so he get votes ...
selfvoting mafia , im out

Posted 13 days ago

Hey bro is it alright If you can do J.RAK for my brother! Please bro! thanks

Posted 11 days ago

this one should be botd!

Posted 8 days ago

Great Colors!

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