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Underground Station (red) in Berlin 15 Jun 2017 23:26:43


Posted 9 days ago

really dope! love it!! =)

Posted 9 days ago

peaceful ! good job

Posted 9 days ago

background king! =)

Posted 9 days ago


Posted 8 days ago

amazing .... this is not BG , this is BOTW.
peace trno.

Posted 5 days ago

this would look awesome on a real wall :) but eyy, do you use a pc mouse doing this work or maybe a drawing pad?

Posted 5 days ago

thx guyz! thx 4 the probs
yeah i use laptop+mouse! OG-style @ajs

Posted 4 days ago

this vote system is a joke ... how the fuck again DEMO has more votes with dat ugly shit ... this is BOTD atleast !!! im fkin angry now ... vote for every toy here and u get votes ... damn !!! respect for u PAR...

Posted 2 days ago

Better call it "Beggar Of The Day" and "Best Of The Weak". And a Self-proclaimed oldskool king jerking toy dicks for online credits is kind of.... ....pathetic. S.W.A.T. graff has the same thing going on with that "LYU" girl. She runs a 'like, share & win' campaign on every piece she publishes.

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